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To approach a constantly moving Target Market, you need Mobile tools

"...Business opportunities are fleeting by nature. You need to be at the right PLACE, at the right TIME, ALL the time. Context is the key and mobile location intelligence is the way..."

Location and proximity marketing


FACT: You don't need smartphones and GPS equipped handsets to implement Location Based Marketing Strategies. You can LOCATE and ENGAGE over 293Million customers TODAY. Discover the power of Location Based SMS and Proximity Marketing. Reach to your customers when they are close to your place and give them a reason to visit again.

Check-in Marketing strategies


Implement the right Location Based Social Networks and start to monetize your customers’ check-ins. Create Location Based Offers and Specials that make sense to your clientele. Transform consumers into regulars, learn from their behavior and maximize your ROI in advertising and promotions.

business intelligence over maps


90% of yor business questions are related to location. Where are my customers? Where to advertise? Where are my POS? and many more. Put your business information in a map and get the complete picture. Feed your maps from Social Media feeds. See what people are talking about and WHERE they are doing it.

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How to write reviews on Google+ Local using mobile devices

Here is an elegant workaround that uses QR Codes to help customers write reviews on Google+ Local using mobile devices. While this should be a simple task for Google+ app users, the functionality to write reviews on Google+ Local using mobile devices no longer exists on the app. The secret is to not use QR Codes in the conventional way (to represent a URL); but to encode a Geo-Location that

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QR Codes on food packaging – Two basic rules to follow

While walking through the aisles of your local supermarket, you may notice a growing number of QR Codes on food packaging. Additionally, you will notice many people shopping around with mobile phones in their hands. That’s why placing QR Codes on food packaging is an excellent idea. If they are implemented correctly, QR Codes can provide an additional layer of information to the customer and a positive, interactive connection

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QR Codes best practices – horror stories from NY Subways

Ads with QR Codes are popping up everywhere. Some use QR Codes to their maximum potential while others completely ignore basic QR Codes best practices. When I begin to pay attention to how many QR Codes are displayed in NY Subway trains and stations, an adapted version of “War” by Edwin Starr starts to play in my head. “Q.. R.. what is it good for? Absolutely nothin’!”
Q.. R.. what is it good for? Absolutely

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