About Claudio Schapsis

Claudio SchapsisClaudio Schapsis – Chief Georilla Officer

I have a powerful blend of marketing strategy, mobile technology innovation, customer experience development, and business acumen. I’m a market driven technology evangelist and educator integrating cutting-edge technologies into marketing strategies, particularly in areas of digital/mobile/social marketing, location-based/hyperlocal marketing and advertising, and customer journey development.

Some differentiators: Trilingual (English/Spanish/Hebrew). Corporate and Start-up experience. A senior marketing executive that understands technology, the role it plays in the marketers, agencies, and publishers daily challenges, and its impact on customers lives. Proven innovator. Capture the essence of technology, visualize future applications, and design their revenue models. Speaker, educator, and technology evangelist hosted to speak at over 20 professional conferences and academic institutions. Thrive in fast-paced, multicultural environments.

What I’m looking for: An opportunity at the intersection of digital marketing, communications, technology and innovation. A place that can benefit and grow, by leveraging my experience, expertise, and professional network.
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