About Georillas – Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Georillas is a strategic Location Based Marketing group that work with businesses, agencies, and CMO’s implement Mobile Marketing and Location Based Services into their marketing mix.
  • Georillas assist businesses to integrate Mobile Marketing tools such as Foursquare, Google Places / Maps, Yelp and many others according to a general advertising strategy.
  • Georillas helps agencies and CMOs to create and match marketing strategies with technology – particularly in digital/mobile marketing, location based marketing, and indoor navigation. Implement Location Based text messaging solutions, and metrics.
  • Georillas devise business models and market strategy based on in-depth analysis of the mobile marketing ecosystem, the competitive landscape, as well as market and technology trends.
  • Georillas provides advisory services and is a key contributor in projects related to retail indoor navigation, mobile marketing campaigns, vehicle personal locator, LBS and the healthcare industry, privacy and marketing.