** Topic: How DMP (Data Management Platforms) and DAP (Data Activation Platforms) can help you discover your customers’ sopping DNA **

** Topic: How DMP (Data Management Platforms) and DAP (Data Activation Platforms) can help you discover your customers' sopping DNA **I am a foodie who is always open to trying new flavors. Working with a diverse team gives me the opportunity to appreciate different culinary creations during lunchtime. There are over 350 different restaurants in our zip code alone. Nevertheless, I noticed that people go to the same restaurant almost every day, and in most cases order the same meal too. It does not matter how many coupons, menus under the door, ads, street offers, and other promotional efforts try to attract them; they will seldom change their choice. It is like their decision was embedded in their DNA.

Hence, if you can decode your customers’ DNA, you may know how, where, when, and what products to offer each one of them to maximize your revenues.

Customer Shopping and Purchasing DNA (PDNA) – a definition

The Customer Shopping and Purchasing DNA (PDNA) carries the genetic and learned instructions used in the selection, purchasing, usage, and recommendation of products and services.

Same as our biological DNA, the PDNA is made up of four different “bases”:
(P) Personal traits
(D) Digital (online) behavior
(N) Needs and Intents
(A) Analog (offline) behavior

For every purchasing case, there is a particular set of shopping instructions composed by a combination of those bases.

DMP and DAP - Discovering the customer shopping DNAAfter mapping the appropriate combinations, we can create so more than a 360 degrees view of the customer; we can actually achieve a truly three-dimensional (3D) understanding of our target market.

From Management to Activation – Marketing Technology to the rescue

A 360 degrees view is a precise (but flat) collection, organization, and visualization of data. However, the intelligence is not in the data. Intelligence is created from the capability to organize the data, ask the right questions, understand the answers, make good decisions, plan the best execution, and evaluate the result of your actions (a 3D view).

Getting a 3D view requires a change of approach and technical core competencies. Managing data is not enough, you need to take action with your data.

To move from management to activation, you need to set up the pieces that will decode your customers’ PDNA and complete the required steps to achieve your business goals.

Many questions remain open. How do you conquer a fragmented technological landscape? Where do you find trained people within a constantly evolving ecosystem? How do you compare platforms? Or more importantly, what do you actually need? Answering those questions will lead us to an entirely different discussion.

What is your point of view?