Sundays is usually posting day, today I’ll take a different approach.

I believe one of the most important results in a post is the readers’ comments. They enrich and bring new perspectives to the initial approach. Skipping over those comments and the exchange of ideas is like ordering a banana split and eating only the ice cream.

I would like to refer you to the readers’ contributions on my post on business models for navigation devices combined with social networking. There, new applications were exposed, a few questions remained unanswered (wireless guys, your input please), and there is an amazing exchange of observations on what is Presence Marketing – how to use it combined with Location Based Social Networks, the extension of RFID applications, and Privacy concerns (my next topic).

My remarks on CES and notes on the Privacy Factor on new business models can wait a day or two.

I encourage you to read the comments to the end and most important, leave yours.

I have nothing more to say but THANK YOU!

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