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Check-in marketing processes – 7 additional foursquare best practices

A methodological marketing approach to foursquare check-ins, and 7 location based marketing best practices.In my previous article we analyzed how Foursquare fits into the 7 F’s of check-ins framework and proposed the first group of best practices. Here is the second part Check-ins and Location Based Marketing – “The 5 I’s process” Most check-in applications have a similar approach on how a business utilizes the platform. Before presenting additional foursquare best practices, we need to establish a systematic approach to work with these type of applications. We call this methodology “The 5 I’s process”, and in essence it is similar to other marketing methodologies but with slight adjustments [...]

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Foursquare – A marketer’s perspective and best practices

Why do our customers use foursquare? What is their motivation? See how foursquare fits “The 7 F’s of Check-ins” framework, and understand some best practices of foursquare for marketing professionals.

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Check-in and Location Based Marketing – Lessons from the future

Check-ins, badges, Mayors, stamps on passports, rewards, and other new concepts from the past are flooding the net as the latest trend in location based services applied to marketing purposes. While looking at those new tools I had a strong sense of déjà vu, and I tried to learn some lessons from the future.

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