Location Based Services

Location-Based Marketing Games Best Practices and Lessons Learned – a SCVNGR Experience

We present here 13 tips based on recommended best practices and the lessons we’ve learned while implementing location-based games, particularly the SCVNGR app.SCVNGR is a simple game; you go places, do challenges, earn points and unlock rewards. SCVNGR is a very flexible platform that allows businesses and organizations to create challenges and offer rewards to their customers at specific locations. We used SCVNGR for a single large event, but you can create continuous challenges for many places like museums, zoos, restaurant chains, or neighborhoods.

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Location Based Marketing – The need & definition

Looking at the need for Location Based Marketing (LBM) Defining and analyzing the concept of Location Based Marketing Location defined on the Marketing context

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Check-ins, Location Based Marketing and the F’ word

Check-ins, Location Based Marketing and the F’ word - exploring the motivation behind checking-in. Why are people sharing their location? a FUN Framework will allow marketers the use of check-in apps Functionality efficiently. Fun, Fame, Friends, Flirting, Freebies, Fancying, Follow

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Happy Holidays and Prosperous New Year – The LBS Way

My best wishes of peace and prosperity.

Check-in and Location Based Marketing – Lessons from the future

Check-ins, badges, Mayors, stamps on passports, rewards, and other new concepts from the past are flooding the net as the latest trend in location based services applied to marketing purposes. While looking at those new tools I had a strong sense of déjà vu, and I tried to learn some lessons from the future.

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When Aesop downloaded an app and tried to navigate indoors…

Everybody speaks about Indoor Navigation, and most of them refer to a completely different concept. What is Indoor Navigation? What are the risk on confusing the users and the customers about what to expect from Indoor Navigation apps?

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So Facebook added Location. What’s next? Location Based Services for marketers 101

We live a mobile lifestyle in which immediate contact is important. Place and time matter. Location makes the occasion, and in the occasion lays the opportunity. Are you ready to seize it?

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Indoor Navigation: The new Gold rush? Part-2 – Ecosystem and opportunities.

Is Indoor navigation a viable business? What are the main business factors that will determine the broad adoption and success of indoor navigation solutions? What can we learn from the Location Based Services (LBS) experience?

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The Mobile Marketing Revolution and Location Intelligence – Seminar at Versailles

Over 120 persons RSVP to the VBC event in Miami I’ll post my comments here after the event. If you had the opportunity to participate, I’ll appreciate your feedback. What do you see in this map now? Thank you! Claudio…

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Location in a Cloud – a Unique Approach to Provide Location-Related Information and Services

FOR LBS Service Providers and Developers - Exploring Xtify solutions - a company that is deriving location persistently from mobile devices, put them in a cloud and then build business rules around it. sourcing the location directly from the mobile device, rather than through the wireless carriers allows them to make location information available on a persistent and affordable basis.

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