Near Field Communications

QR Codes best practices – horror stories from NY Subways

Ads with QR Codes are popping up everywhere. Some use QR Codes to their maximum potential while others completely ignore basic QR Codes best practices. When I begin to pay attention to how many QR Codes are displayed in NY…

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Foursquare Check-ins with NFC Tags and QR Codes a how to guide

The last post discussed the usage of NFC Tags for marketing purposes and included a video showing Foursquare check-ins with NFC Tags and QR Codes. We received a few emails asking how to implement these. Here is a quick guide.…

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NFC Tags for Marketing – things you need to know

What is NFC and how can you use NFC Tags for marketing purposes? NFC stands for Near Field Communications and they have much in common with QR Codes. They are a conduit to connect the physical and digital worlds. They…

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